Obama Blows the Olympics

Losing the Olympics to Rio de Janeiro just shows that Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans have been right all along. Relying on reasoning, discussion and goodwill is just bullshit. What did the Obamas think the Olympic Committee was, the fucking United Nations General Assembly, or something? And what are we, some whiny little country like Brazil? Hell no! We’re the Hegemon. Instead of sending Michelle and Barack to reason with those Socialist and Commie bastards on the Olympic Committee, we should have sent those 40,000 troops slated to go to Afghanistan to Copenhagen instead. You can bet that if the Olympic Committee members had needed to ask permission from our troops to get out of their hotel rooms or use the bathroom, they would have thought twice before rejecting Chicago as the 2016 Olympic site. And if our troops had just kicked down a few hotel room doors as examples of our nation’s commitment to Olympic values, it would have been no contest.
If we had sent our troops to Copenhagen, they’d already be halfway to Afghanistan. A twofer.
Any country can be awarded the Olympics, but We Are the Hegemons. We don’t need to rely on reason and goodwill, we could have taken the Olympics.
The United States had a great opportunity to demonstrate our Dominance to the world. The chronically weak Democrats blew it.
Dick Cheney in 2012. He’ll take back the Olympics for all of us.